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Is it Made in America or does CA allow fudging this statement

Has California allowed some fudging on the 'Made in America' label?  See the article highlighting this issue in the Los Angeles Times.

Goodsofusa welcomes Diligence, LLC to our category of Security Company's.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Diligence, LLC to our portfolio of categories that will be of interest to both local and internatonal clients seeking a wide range investigative and intelligence services.

Although Diligence is an international entity, we have included it in our Categories as they do maintain a full operation in the USA with headquarters in New York City.

Please visit them through our Business Portal at

Organic Clothing USA

We often see reports describing organic foods and produce from farm to consumer, but, we are very pleased to introduce to our readers a company that has taken the concept of organic to another level. Mindful Supply Company has built a successful eco-friendly supply chain where they grow the cotton, gin it, knit it, dye it, design it, and print it  ALL HERE IN THE USA!

deBoulle High End closeout of collectors watches

Woolen Mill Revival!

Report from USAToday November 30, 2011. Chuck and Paul Mooty bought the defunct Faribault Woolen Mill and saved jobs from moving overseas. They have revived the historic brand which dates back to 1865 and are once again manufacturing high quality woolen blankets and throws. The Goods Of USA web site is proud to feature their products and expose their story to our overseas visitors through our Consumer Portal.

Go Faribault Woolen Mill!  



Great American Story!

Our blog today is about an entrepreneur, Alan, who lives in Pensacola Florida, has a 10 year old daughter and they love to go paddle boarding.  Alan thought there has to be a better way to carrying the board on and off the beach, especially for a 10 year old. He set about inventing a set of wheels that could be instantly connected to or disconnected from the board no matter what the board size. 

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