The Vintage Car Club & Racing League

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The leading community for people that love racing and cars (the VRL -, is building a virtual museum of automotive history.

There are an estimated 10 million owners of vintage, historic, classic and antique collector cars world-wide.

The VRL has built a global platform so that same car owners (and aficionados) can find and communicate with each other.

They can exchange photos, videos and restoration resources.

As a first step to creating the historic archive for 3,000 car manufacturers since 1900, the VRL has organized over 1,000 Groups on its community website, (see Groups at:


Please join the Car Groups that interest you and invite your friends and same car owners to join your Groups. If you don’t find your unique Car Group in the Groups section, please build new Groups for the Car Marques, Car Clubs, Merchants and Events that interest you.


You can share the site with your friends on Facebook, or invite friends to join the site using Google (Gmail), Yahoo (Yahoo Mail), AOL and Hotmail:


Passionate car collectors join the VRL to:

-      Get the latest News about cars, racing, tracks, clubs, events, auctions and car shows from 15 global news sources.

-      Use our Groups section to find members with shared interests about specific car types, clubs, race tracks, car shows, auctions, rallies and other special events.

-      Find Members with specific interests using our Advanced Search function within the Member section.

-      Buy and sell cars, spares and post "wanted" messages.

-      Share world-class photos, videos and in-car driver experiences.