Great American Story!

Our blog today is about an entrepreneur, Alan, who lives in Pensacola Florida, has a 10 year old daughter and they love to go paddle boarding.  Alan thought there has to be a better way to carrying the board on and off the beach, especially for a 10 year old. He set about inventing a set of wheels that could be instantly connected to or disconnected from the board no matter what the board size. 

Take a Tour!

New entry today has been Pixelchrome Photographic Tours depicting the internationally known photographer, Jeremy Woodhouse.
He has recently returned from a very successful tour where he led a group of photographers to San Cristobal in Mexico. We recommend his tours.

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to goodsofUSA blog. We want to bring you the information you need to find and purchase American made products and services.  If you have ideas or suggestions regarding companies that should be included in our categories, please send us comments.

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