Rocky Mountain Organic Meats



At Rocky Mountain Organic Meats, our mission is to provide the best 100%  organic and grass-fed beef that is both leaner and higher in Omega-3s with grass-fed flavor that is unmatched.

It started with memories of our Grandfather�s farm and the smell and flavor of grass-fed beef. Taste a difference straight from the farm and you and your family will love the leanness of organic grass-fed beef. Since our livestock is raised on certified organic pasture its entire life, the meat is often lower in fat and calories and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. Add the flavor of grass-fed beef to serving your family leaner red meat that�s higher in Omega-3s and you better have enough for seconds. Saddle up to flavor and order some 100% organic grass-fed beef for your next family get together or romantic dinner for two.

All of our cattle are raised by certified organic livestock producers. Each producer is inspected by a USDA Certified Inspection Agency and must maintain specific standards in order to become a Rocky Mountain Organic Meats producer.

Our farmers and ranchers believe that using environmentally friendly agricultural practices and livestock friendly animal husbandry techniques not only create a good product but are the right things to do. We only process healthy animals and our producers do not use antibiotics or growth hormones and livestock are never penned as in commercial feedlot practices. Rocky Mountain Organic Meats livestock are 100% grass fed and grass finished on certified organic pasture with plenty of room to roam. Our USDA certified processing plant maintains the highest level of quality and ensures that all livestock are processed according to Certified Organic Standards.

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