Death Watch Beetle, A Historical WWII Spy Thriller

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"David Huntley's novel, Death Watch Beetle, is an engaging, factually accurate story that drops you deep into the world of espionage and intrigue. If you love fast paced thrillers, get this book, sit down and be prepared not to do anything else until the last page is turned."
Mike Baker former CIA operations officer, President Diligence,LLC an international security company, Contributor to Fox News on security topics.

Dr Robert M. Hicks, Professor of History & Ethics Belhaven University/Orlando. Retired US Air Force Chaplain of 32 years, Reserve Officer rank of Colonel, and published author of numerous books.
Colonel Hicks Bio

"Here is an engaging novel of historical fiction, with rapidly developing plots and thrilling scenarios of espionage. David Huntley has accurately captured the times and tensions of global intelligence operations of post-World War II Eastern and Western Europe, the escalating concerns of the Allied Powers dealing with the rising Communist Bloc nation in the Soviet Union and Russia, the blooming Cold War, and the proliferation of the nuclear threat to the world.

What I loved most about the storyline is that it places you in the middle of the action, as a participatory reader. In many cases, while reading David Huntley's work I relived much of my own personal adventures as a military veteran of war and post-war actions.

Huntley is to be commended for having written a thought-provoking, suspenseful account of one of the most dynamic moments in history. As this novel takes you over several continents, through several adventures, with various individuals, you will undoubtedly come to appreciate the great critical thinking and rhetorical talents of David Huntley."
James L. Williams, Major General, US Marine Corps (retired)

This book will be dedicated to the Americans & Allies who helped to save Europe from tyranny in WWII.

See some names of current survivors  (as of October 2013) of the Normandy Invasion as well other WWII Campaigns as a token of my family's thanks, by clicking on the flag below. 


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The plot concerns a local man in England who is caught up in an intrigue involving the U. S. Air Force, the CIA, MI6 British Intelligence, the ex-Polish Free Army, Russian agents, and mystery Nazi super weapons. The story  is a work of fiction based on historical events as well as first person observations. The period is the early part of the Cold War in 1954/55. The story moves through three continents with exciting chapters in Londonand Parisand a certain nexus is established between missing Nazis and the early development of the apartheid system in South Africa. It will appeal to the imaginations of some and the memories of others.

A joint intelligence project is set in motion by the USA and Britain with the KGB of the Soviet Union seeking the same target!


The story moves through London, Paris and Africa

From London to Paris  To Africa 

David E. Huntley - Author's bio