Faribault Wool Blankets

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For many generations, the Faribault Woolen Mill Company has grown and thrived as a business. Since 1865, the year Lincoln died and the Civil War ended, Faribault has played a part in history. Whether traveling in covered wagons with the frontier movement West, covering our troops during the war years, or providing warmth for those in need, Faribault blankets and woolen products have been woven into the fabric of American history. The Cannon River meanders throughout the countryside that surrounds the Faribault Mill. While it now offers many recreational opportunities for canoeing, fishing, hiking, camping, or picnicking, many grain and flower mills once used its water as a source of power. The Faribault Mill moved next to the river in 1890, and although steam had taken the place of water-generated power, the mill used the river water to wash its wool. In the past years, the mill drew water from the river, filtering and softening it, then using it to wash wool. Though its function has changed, the Cannon River has been an integral part of our history and it reminds us of the strength and endurance that this company has celebrated for the past years.


The revival of American excellence is underway here in Faribault, Minnesota. The oldest manufacturing entity in the state of Minnesota dating back to 1865 is again open for business. The Faribault Woolen Mill's tremendous history and longevity is unmatched by most in the textile business. Our success has always been rooted on the company's commitment to quality and durability. And as we move forward this focus will not waiver one bit. However, we recognize that in today's highly dynamic and competitive international marketplace, the ability to meet our customer's expanding expectations for exceptional service, value and unique product design is absolutely critical. Our fully vertically integrated processing here at the Mill ensures the ability to be a viable domestic supplier for large and small customers alike.

Our legacy as a family run business will continue and the Mooty's are proud to be the brand stewards for generations to come. Our commitment to you as a customer or employee is that we will be held to the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We will earn respect and develop pride through our devoted hard work and commitment to produce the finest products at affordable pricing. We appreciate your interest in America's Faribault Woolen Mill. We will work hard for you and are grateful for your support.