Munder-Skiles Furnture

Perhaps no person has thought more deeply about extending good design to the outside of the American home - into its surroundings - than John Danzer, founder of Munder-Skiles, a firm specializing in the production of both historically-inspired and original designs of Garden Furniture and related products. A valued client, known as the Dean of New York decorators, Albert Hadley, has written, "John Danzer has done more to integrate exterior and interior design than anyone working today. His obsessive fascination with the subject makes him the 'change agent' we all need."

Although a number of his childhood years were spent in Europe, John completed his secondary education at the Gilman School in his native Baltimore and then went on to attend Skidmore College, during which period he studied in Rome with Trinity College. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Art History from Skidmore, John deferred his youthful ideals to instead pursue a career in International Finance, which led him for the next decade to take positions in New York, England, France and Japan.