84 MPG FOR ONLY $6800


Elio is not a fling. It is not a novelty.

It is the product of a mobile society naturally evolving to a more efficient andpractical form of transportation.

Let’s look at the facts and realities of the world we live in:

  • Gas today is at an all-time high
  • Space is becoming a smaller and smaller commodity and we’re being crowded off our roads and bumped and dinged out of our parking lots
  • Cars cost more than the average house did only a few decades ago

Traditional personal transportation isn’t working like it used to. We need a new way of getting around.

That’s when a car enthusiast, a visionary, a man with a dream named Paul Elio got an idea. A simple, brilliant idea. To create a vehicle for today’s generation of drivers that addressed their transportation needs and the world’s new realities.


The result is Elio

And it’s more than merely a fun, fuel-efficient way to get around. Elio can have a profound effect on our economy – creating approximately 1500 jobs in Louisiana alone. And we all know the ripple effect a vehicle has when you factor in everyone from the suppliers and their employees to all the other businesses that prosper from putting previously unemployed people to work.

Elio is a major step in curbing the erosion of our environment and making us far less dependent on foreign oil. Just think how that will affect the political landscape of our world!

From the economy to the environment to the national debt to foreign relations, Elio is an idea whose time has come – and that time is now!













How it All Began

Elio Motors was founded in 2008 by Mr. Paul Elio. The mission and desire of the project was to provide affordable transportation to those commuters seeking an alternative to the days offerings; at the same time provide vital American jobs.

Since then, the company has grown it’s appeal beyond commuters to other segments of the market. For students the vehicle provides a safe and reliable means to commute around campus. For those families with mini-vans or SUV’s, Elio provides an efficient and economical way to get to and from work. The price-point of the vehicle allows Elio to be an addition to this families fleet without adding any additional cost to an already stretched budget.

Elio Motors has also grown its appeal to collectors, retirees, motorcyclists, and anyone else looking for a fun, reliable, safe and economical vehicle to customize to their individual needs.

As you continue your journey with Elio you will notice our customers developing a strong attachment to their Elio. They have already welcomed the thought of her as part of their family. Our challenge is to help bring them the Elio of their dreams!


Must Have’s for the Elio Brand:

  • 84 MPG Highway
  • Engineered for a 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating
  • American made
  • $6800

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