Mindful Supply - Organic USA Made Clothing

During our journey in the apparel industry for 20+ years, we have seen things come and go.  Trends, fads, and worse, American jobs.  While on the journey, a belief started to brew.A belief that America could make a quality apparel product again with pride and at a good price.


So Mindful Supply was born.  Mindful of three things.  Where our clothing comes from, how it’smade and who’s making it. 


We have built a successful eco-friendly supply chain where we grow the cotton, gin it, knit it, dye it, design and print it all here in the United States.  And consumers have the unique ability to track the chain from start to finish, seeing the care and passion that went into making every piece. 


Now a new journey begins... we hope you will be a part of it.





From us! Right here in the U.S.A. Mindful Supply is one of the few brands that actually controls the entire supply chain, from concept to production with pride that it is all made in this fine country of ours.

-Born out of our pride in American-made and created with the highest quality USA cotton for Americans.

-There is a local movement and Mindful is a part of it,  to make and purchase U.S.A. goods. Consumers understand America’s manufacturing base is critical to creating jobs and sustaining America’s growth. We are passionate about helping make America great.





Our products are good for you! Being Mindful means making products we can all feel good about wearing and representing because they have great environmental state of mind.

-A major benefit of our product is using water base non-toxic inks and dyes , premium quality soft cotton from Cotton of the Carolinas®. All of our processes have the lowest carbon footprint for printing in the industry.

-We have a strong belief in doing the right thing and know consumers are buying products that line up with their own earth friendly values as well. 





Another passion of ours is being open and honest. In doing so, this means letting consumers see the entire process that goes into making Mindful Supply products. From the farmer that grows the cotton to the folks that ship it to you.

-Mindful Supply offers a unique 100% trackable method of knowing your product is made and produced entirely in the U.S.A. with the highest standards.

-We have seen that a majority of consumers research the origin of their future products before they ever set foot in a store or purchase online. Consumers can trust Mindful Supply has nothing to hide in our process.