The American clothing Company

Clothing Made in USA

"Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities."

"We care about our country and the people in it; if we were only in it for money we would move our production overseas. We will NOT trade USA jobs for foreign profits..."-- Lawson Nickol, Co-Founder

At the All American Clothing Co our clothes are made by using the best USA materials and labor. When you purchase clothing made in USA you are helping our economy in so many ways! For Example: the jeans are USA made, the box it shipped in was made in the USA, our website is hosted by a USA company, the shipping companies are all from the USA, the people who built our building are USA citizens, etc...As you can see buying clothing that is "Made in USA" affects many jobs in many different industries.