Eclipse Aerospace

During the first International Eclipse Dealer and Sales Conference held this past Friday in Albuquerque, Eclipse Aerospace, Inc., manufacturer of the world's first very light jet (VLJ), announced the official launch of initial production of the new Eclipse 550 twin–engine jet. Eclipse dealers representing the United States and over 30 different countries were on hand as the management team and Board of Directors for Eclipse Aerospace all signed the fuselage of the first production aircraft, Serial Number 1001. The ceremony continued with the Eclipse production team officially mating the forward keel assembly to the fuselage.

Now armed with an established supply chain, a new FAA production certificate, and a certified airframe, Eclipse is officially back in production with deliveries beginning in 2013. Eclipse plans initial low-volume production with the first aircraft taking approximately 12 months to complete as the balance of the production line is re-tooled and validated during the process. Full production for an estimated 50 to 100 aircraft per year is expected in 2014, paced by market demand.

Mason Holland, CEO and Chairman of Eclipse Aerospace commented "New production of the Eclipse Jet, that was the ultimate goal of EAI when we started the process two and a half short years ago. The excellent team at Eclipse Aerospace along with our strong supply chain partners have brought us back into the production market, I am simply humbled by everyone’s efforts!"

In addition to the new production announcement, Eclipse also announced the official roll out of the Eclipse International Dealer organization. Eclipse Dealers from around the world representing over 30 countries attend and signed agreements for the purchase of new Eclipse 550 Jets slated for delivery in 2014 and early 2015.

The new Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet is built upon the same excellent and well tested Eclipse 500 model, but will deliver with the next evolution of aircraft systems for general aviation jets which will include auto-throttles, synthetic vision, enhanced vision, and a redundant flight management system. First deliveries are expected in mid 2013.

Why Buy an Eclipse 550?

There is one constant in life: time cannot be regained once it has been spent. The Eclipse Jet is a time saving machine, allowing you to get more done in less time. How does the Eclipse Jet do this?

Reduce time to get to your important meetings or engagements
The Eclipse Jet allows you to choose the time you leave your office or home, and accurately plan when you will arrive. There is no worry if a meeting goes long; your jet will wait for you. And you won't have to reserve time for security checkpoints and long, exhaustive walks through large airports. By conducting your flights from one of 5,000+ US airports, you will also save yourself lengthy drives from the commercial airline hub airports. With the all-weather capability of the Eclipse Jet and flexibility of its operations, you will also have fewer weather related delays.

Travel between destinations quickly and efficiently
The Eclipse Jet travels at speeds up to 430 mph (375 knots), moving you between locations with the utmost efficiency. You will be able to cover more ground in less time, spending less money and energy. And did we mention that the Eclipse Jet is the quietest twin-engine jet in general aviation, a full 40dB lower than stringent Level 4 Noise Requirements? This means that you and your team can carry on conversations between locations, discussing strategies for the next meeting or reviewing the one prior. It also means that you can land at airports that have strict noise regulations without worry.

Spend less getting more done
With budgets being squeezed and everyone wanting to do more with less, the Eclipse Jet brings tremendous capability at a surprising cost.

Cost of Acquisition The Eclipse Jet is the lowest cost, new production jet aircraft on the market, allowing you to achieve jet speeds at the price of a turboprop! With a purchase price hundreds of thousands of dollars less than our closest jet competitor, the Eclipse Jet will show the world that you are being careful with your transportation budget.

Cost of Flying The P&WC 610F engines consume less fuel in an hour's flight than some jets consume taxiing to the end of the runway for takeoff. Add to this that the Eclipse was designed with an elegant simplicity that keeps maintenance costs low — a Direct Operating Cost (DOC) of less than $650 per flight hour — the Eclipse Jet will save you money every time you start the engines.

Cost of Ownership The Eclipse keeps your recurring costs low, whether it be hangar, insurance, or training. Every aspect of the airplane has been optimized for cost reduction. Our customers are surprised at the low costs of basic services for the Eclipse Jet.

Cost to the Environment The Eclipse Jet gives back to the environment every time it flies. By using such small quantities of fuel while carrying its passengers far and fast, the Eclipse Jet leaves a minimal carbon footprint. The Eclipse is also the only jet manufacturer to use PhostrEx as its fire suppression agent rather than Halon, a deadly, ozone depleting agent. We strive to be environmentally friendly, and are proud of our record.