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Maximize Your Productivity
Objet1000 Plus delivers big parts, big versatility and big savings
 Get ultimate precision & a lowered cost per part
 Build flexible, rigid, clear and shaded components simultaneously
Why Stratasys 3D Printers?
Save Both Time and Money in R&D.
Prototype more design iterations without blowing your timeline or budget.
Smarter Design
Get better collaboration resulting in improved design and manufacturability.
Make Revisions Faster
Discover potential design flaws, saving you money before manufacturing.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Test your ideas long before getting them to market scale.
Stratasys’ 3D printing technology combines high-quality surface finish,
highly accurate geometries and a large versatility of materials
enabling the best representation of your final product.

Introducing The Fortus 450

 The Fortus 450 gives you the ability to print accurate parts fast. You can also print in four different layer thicknesses to balance strength, detail and the fastest build time within the Fortus family. 

We Also Offer Rapid Prototyping Services
If you only need a few parts printed, then our services may be the best option